Nowadays, being an all-girls team ourselves, we have been vastly outnumbered in terms of our gender in the present tech community, especially during these hackathons that we enjoy. Therefore, we tried to do our part for the social good and to improve gender equality while uplifting our own kind. This was the story behind creating 'Fem Tech'.

We wanted to help out more female student hackers like us to find their path and be inspired from women techies! Hence, Fem Tech is born."

What it does

Fem Tech is a web application, supportive tech community focusing strictly on women. Our app offers, women-led tutorials and an opportunity of finding other female teammates during hackathons. It helps users to find teammates with necessary skills, making finding a team for a hackathon much simpler! It also provides a platform where students can connect to mentees and ask relevant doubts.

How we built it

• Fem Tech is built on Figma, HTML5, CSS3 • We used Iconify plugin to make our web app more accessible to users • We used Canva to create our app logo as well as all the designs used on our web page.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

• Our App runs perfectly fine with all the features we have mentioned above. • We are really proud of the fact that we have made this app for a good cause and it will help female techies to build, learn, create and connect together.

What we learned

We learned to implement software components like application programs, device drivers, and operating systems. Through Uberposition, we got an opportunity to learn Javascript, Eclipse, and many other tools.

What's next for Fem Tech

• We have planned to add an 'answered' or 'unanswered' status to the thread answers on the mentee group page. • We have also planned to categorize this application so that more women can participate and take full advantage of the platform.

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