The field of health has historically been dominated by men, and this still pervades into female health today. There is a lack of resources for health issues that specifically affect people with female bodies--- for example, education about periods and birth control is still downplayed, leading to irritating confusion at best, dangerous situations at worst. We wanted to create a streamlined resource for those who deal with these issues to learn about their bodies and options they have. This way, they can make informed, autonomous decisions about their bodies.

What it does

It locates and helps women find feminine products on the go! This application includes a period tracker and a birth control reminder which is 2 in 1! Also, there is a feature where you can search up clinics and hospitals that would be designated for women (such as needing to get pads, tampons, check-up, etc.) so that they don't feel intimidated.

How we built it

We used Azure to hold our code and push/pull our progress. We all used VS Code to code on using the language dart. When we were finished with a page we pushed our work to Github. For our logo, Adobe was used to create the beautiful flower and slogan.

Challenges we ran into

The challenges we ran into were mostly technical: we had trouble troubleshooting VSCode, and had to do a multitude of debugging to get our code to work. Mobile programming was a challenge for most of us because most of us were new to mobile development.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our logo and slogan that we came up with! It's important that we aimed our application towards women and named it sweet, short and meaningful!

What we learned

We learned that working virtual has its ups and down. The team formation wasn't so hard but some individuals response time took a long time which can lead to finding other people. The virtual experience was also less intimidating, in a sense.

What's next for FEM: Future Emerging Medicine

The next thing for FEM would be having medical workers being involved with the app such as users signing up for appointments on the app based on the medical worker's occupation. For example, if a user wants a check up for a gyno appointment then the user would search gynecologist that they like based on their profile and location. Also, possibly having a hotline for women that is dedicated towards mental health meaning partnering with mental health organizations would also be the next step!

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