We realized how managing everything can be a bit tough for MLH Fellows so we built a thing which can be used by them for making their life easier. Our project focuses on keeping them happy, telling them jokes , reminding their of their next/upcoming events and also giving them every information they ask for from the MLH handbook!.

What it does

It takes it user's command to render the needed data. For example, entering I am sad would trigger the bot to talk to you and tell you a joke, !faq MLHintro gives the first page of the MLH handbook to you in your server , !event tells you about your next event and much more!

How we built it

  • We started by creating a very simple bot.
  • Next we entered the required data and json and APIs to create different events.
  • We then made use of Google Calender API for event reminder functionality
  • We then used flask to keep our bot alive and create a server for it.
  • At last, we created a web page wherein you can invite the bot to your server!
  • Finally, we made all the graphics, improved documentation since a major part of open source in documenting things and finally we had all are PRs merged!.

Challenges we ran into

None of us had previous experience with creating a discord bot and how to actually use flask to keep server alive and we spent the last 3 days learning, planning and coding. The challenges we ran into included getting the server up and ready, rendering the correct data for a command and in particular, how to make so different components work together. But in all, we had a great experience learning and exploring.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We did not have a concrete idea of what we would build since this is not the first project we decided to create. Running 2 days late, we started the project on Wednesday and we are really proud of how we have been coding for long hours, following Github best practices and working as a team. We schedule many meetings together to be on same page for each commit and in all we are proud that we learnt something we have never done in such a small span of time!

What we learned

We learned how to use Discord API, Google Calendar API, Flask, writing better documentation, working with data and REST APIs

What's next for FellowBot

We hope to integrate many more features in this so that it is more beneficial for the whole MLH community. Like we would like to create some developer tools integration for our bot (howdoi ) so that stack overflow searches become easy from Discord and also we would like to have an in-built search engine which gives the best recommended searches be it a book, movie or music !

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