Fellowship Wrapped

A summary showcase of all your contributions made as a graduating gift from the MLH Fellowship!

Create a shareable link to display your contributions during the Fellowship on your resume or your website!


  • A personalized page created for every fellow.

  • Total lines of code written, commits, and issues participated in.

  • Languages used in the respective fellow's projects

  • Your performance ratio, like how many PRs were merged compared to total PRs opened by the fellow.

  • and other awesome statistics!


We were heavily inspired by Spotify's wrapped showcase at the end of each year and we wanted to provide something similar for all the awesome fellows with us and the future batches to come! GitHub doesn't do a good job on showing all your work besides the number of commits you've done so this is a great way to show off your hard work

Challenges Faced

Requesting no user data directly and still providing accurate stats was definitely a challenge. Also all the permissions involved around the MLH org on Github was quite tricky to handle but overcoming this allowed us to build a showcase without handling any user data directly! Learning graphQL and optimising queries was a bit of a challenge aswell but with some careful thought and plannning we ensured we didn't exceed the rate limit set in place by GitHub.

Future Roadmap

If this project is well received, we would like to be involved directly with the MLH Org into providing even more stats, pods/teammates and other cool stuff done by Fellows during their time.

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