After 48 hours of no sleep, we've done it.

We have sequenced the cryptokitty genome!


Nah JK

We created a light-hearted, experimental interface for DeFi

Believe it or not, we aren't siphoning out the souls of your cryptokitties and selling their essence on secondary markets, we're just giving you exposure to Compound Finance

How it works

You create a smart contract wallet which will store all of the kitties you stick on the wall and allow you to lend into compound, our front-end talks to a smart contract which keeps a list of everyone's contract wallets.

The front-end is built in chooJS and we utilised a JS library called Pixi.JS which is supposed to make it super easy to render images and do funky interactive things. However it's the first time we used this and we ended up regretting it. PixiJS had some odd rendering tradeoffs, required a lot of boilerplate, and really doesn't like the images pulled from the cryptokitties API. In hindsight we should have just used HTML Canvas and clobbered it with new data whenever we wanted.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making a dapp littered with race conditions and garbage code that is still reasonably secure and gives you free money LOVE YOU DEFI

What we learned

Dapps are great and we're in the right game, up and to the right friends!

What's next for Feline Term Deposit Portal


Who did we integrate with

Cryptokitties Dapper UMA

Check out the other nonsense we make at (

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