In the era of fake news, where the POTUS himself has called journalists “enemies of the state,” now more than ever reporters need to make sure their articles are rigorously sourced and that those sources and any information relayed via them is presented as transparently as possible. On the other hand, news readers need to be cognizant about what’s written on the internet and differentiate facts from the not. To make this possible, we built a Chrome extension whose purpose is three-fold:

  1. Opinion Meter – The chrome extension analyses article content and determines whether it is primarily the journalist’s opinion, and gives an opinion rating.
  2. Facto-meter – If the content is not opinionated, it fact checks and returns a rating which helps the reader evaluate the usefulness and credibility of the article.
  3. Writing Tone – Finally, it gives you the tone of the article – anger, disgust, fear, joy or sadness. This further illustrates how the journalist incorporated his/her opinions into the article.

Why Feku you ask? The word ‘fake’ is derived from the German word ‘feague’ which means “to spice up by artificial means”. Feku is an amalgamation of synonym words sourced from German and Hindi.

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