We know there are about 465 Million people diagnosed with diabetes in the World. We want to help them understand how to apply their insulin shots. We believe, Feelings, our VR app technology can help them understand their first steps.

What it does

Seeing is feeling. Users will see how to inject themselves with insulin showing that is not so traumatized as thought.

How we built it

Using stereo kit, we built a POC with intuitive instructions and a experience that let track your hands and interact with the space.

  • We added an intuitive UI with hand menus.
  • We imlemented Animations with collisions.
  • We implemented interactions with models.

Challenges we ran into

Making the actual action of holding a needle. Implementing Animations and Shaders From the perspective of a unity developer is a little bit hard to adapt.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created a POC that will help patients and doctors in its diagnoses.

What we learned

We found in stereokit a different tool with great capabilities and Open Source that let developers model and create products in minutes, a cross platform framework that runs with or without device that let the business iterate and test faster.

What's next for Feelings

We believe that this kind of experience will break the barrier patient and diabetes diagnostic and help patients lose their fear and assume its diagnostic with no fear with the certancy they gather all the information for their health care in a more practical and intuitive way

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