Since 2013, Millennials have seen a 47% increase in major- depression diagnoses. The overall rate increased from 3% to 4.4% among 18-34 years old. The reasons are not bounded, nor are they instantaneous, but it's observed that people between the age limit 18-34 are hit by failures in their lives(it may be a career, Relationship, family problems, etc.). They lack self-motivation at the end and lose hope in their life; this gives way to depression. Thus, through our discord bot, we wish to give guidance to handle all such circumstances by motivating them and presenting examples of others. Through our bot, people can share their failures and success stories in person. This would build a strong community of motivated people who could combat life challenges and reach the pinnacle. Failure is not something to be ashamed of. We let you share your failures with the world and find relevant solutions.

What it does

Since most of the work is happening in discord nowadays, people usually need some way out when stress builds. That's when our bot comes to the rescue. The Quandary of Feelings is a project that aims to input how the user is feeling and output an affirmation or words of encouragement. It also gives the user a breathing exercise; users can send a hug gif to each other and lift their spirits. This bot predominantly runs on javascript. Using that as our base language, we have written the various functionalities required for the smooth functioning of all the commands to be executed.

How we built it

We built this bot using the documentation of discord.js. A lot of our functionalities are hard-coded in javascript, which is the heart of this project. We spent hours training the bot so that all the commands given by the user could be executed effectively.

Challenges we ran into

As it was the first time we participated in a hackathon, we didn't have much experience. Many of us were completely unaware of all the new terms that we came across during this span. We spent hours going through the basics of node.js and discord.js documentation to write the functionalities effectively. We had several brainstorming sessions wherein we spent hours forming a clear picture of what we wanted to present. We were at different time zone we still could manage to catch up for calls and build our project together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we came together as a team and found a solution to a persisting and pressing problem. We were able to use our basic javascript knowledge to build a discord bot.

What we learned

The very first thing we all learned was teamwork. As a beginner, we are always used to doing projects solo, but this was the first time we came together and executed this idea for a hackathon. We thought about the various problems around us and came up with a solution that we could build in the given time. The second thing we learned was how to build a discord bot from scratch and train it effectively so that it takes the user commands and outputs words of encouragement, a joke to make them laugh, or helps users support each other by sending a hug uplifting their spirits.

What's next for The Quandary of Feelings

We are planning to have an in-built quiz where the user will answer 5 questions, and the bot will be able to predict the user's mood and send a joke, a funny video, a happy song (youtube link), and so on. We are also planning to optimize our bot by including ML(machine learning) so that it helps respond to the messages more effectively. We plan to add more features so that users of all types can make the most out of it.

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