We were inspired by the current world situation. People are isolated, alone, out of work and out of school, which can cause many emotions to run wild. We created feelies to help put what everyone feels into perspective to help them feel less alone.

What it does

The user logs their emotions, and feelies stores that data to feed a live chart. The site also links to many resources to help people deal with their emotions.

How I built it

The application was built with a flask framework. We used a webapp template from called Pixel(by Themesberg).

Challenges We ran into

This was our first ever hack-a-thon, so everything seemed challenging. We attempted to divide and conquer, but we hit many bumps in the road. The backend was by far the hardest part because neither of us were extremely familiar with flask. We found the project not building several times, conflicting files in the repo, visuals not showing, you name it and we probably encountered it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud to have successfully built our application. It was a challenging project, but to have finished is very invigorating.

What We learned

We learned a lot about web development and time management, both of which are useful skills that we will carry out of this hack-a-thon and into our lives.

What's next for Feelies

We hope to further improve our site as well as participate in more hack-a-thons throughout the course of the summer.

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