Blockchain-based blood donation system: A unique way to trace blood and add accountability to the ecosystem by:

-Enabling digital signing of donated blood bottles by an authorised donation center -Tracing and signing a pint of blood by the testing center -Empowering the health center (and therefore, the consumer of the blood) to track the history of blood and utilize it

(We have made an extensive readme. Check it out!)


Human blood is invaluable. It can not be manufactured like electronic devices and there is no substitute to it.

Every 2 seconds, someone in the US needs blood. Even though, we DONATE blood, the industry in itself holds a market of a massive $ 4.5 billion USD annually in the US. [Forbes]

Unfortunately, there have been cases of innocuous and malicious blood donation, which has led to diseases like HIV AIDS and Syphilis to patients accepting blood from donors.

-In the early 1990s, America's industry leader in blood supply, Red Cross closed its center in Washington DC after it was discovered that 235 people who had received blood from their donors tested positive for HIV AIDS virus. [ NYTimes ] -This number is miniscule compared to such cases happening in developing countries like India. [ Science Alert:2000 cases in India ]


Solidity (Ethereum platform), React-JS, uPort API,, react-scripts, qrcode.react, uport-connect, open-zeppelin

Challenges we ran into

  • Integrating uPort to sign transactions.
  • How to make an appealing UI

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Built an end to end application in 24 hours without sleeping
  • Took a concept rarely associated with blockchain, identified a unique problem and solved it.

What we learned

  • Sleep is as necessary as oxygen.
  • When you are sleepy, there is no such thing as bed. Every flat surface is bed.

What's next for FeelGood: Blood donation system on Ethereum

Working on a multi-layer architecture, customer validation by conversing with donation centers and hospitals.

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