So we started this in a different way, we wanted the app to know how you felt and then give you some options to do, like hey, there is that movie in a cinema at 50 meters from you right now, or you may want to go to a pub, such as bla bla bla... but on friday we read there was someone who did that already and was gonna publish it in MWC so we started to think in a rush.

Finally we decided to change that into videochat with a twist...

What it does

feelChat knows how you feel and can detect either if you are sad or happy. We take that and connect two users together to videochat automatically, but (!) if one of them is sad we won't connect him with someone which is sad also but with someone which feels happier so they can chat and hopefully improve the way the sad one feels :)

How we built it

We built it using lots of APIs and a PHP server

Challenges we ran into

Lot's of them, browser compatibilty, standars working only when ignoring them(we solved this ;) ), understanding poorly wrote documentatiom

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Mulitple APIs combinations, sincrony App built with jquery and PHP.

Finishing it! We saw some groups quitting and we are proud of finishing this1

What we learned

Using multiple APIs, to make a sincronus connection between two devices,

What's next for feelChat

  • CLEAN the code and standarize everything*!*
  • Make text localization-friendly
  • Test some new UI
  • Redesign conference so we actually use it natively and automatically. !

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