NFT is now on trending in crypto space, It help the artists easily transform artworks as paintings, pictures... to digital assets. Personally, I think that musical works would be next one in the near future. In addition, the Chrome Music Lab ( also inspired me so much in this project.

What it does

Feel The Beat is application/game lets anyone compose/create unique digital beats music cards and mint it as NFT assets. Users have authority to the own beats, participate in battle challenge to earn rewards


  • Users compose the own beats by Music Pad application
  • Users mint composed beats as NFT assets (ERC721 tokens). And related images, audios and metadata will be stored in IPFS


  • Promoters donate reward to initialize music battles
  • Players participate in the battle, discover beats and vote for the best one
  • Player owns the highest voting beat after the battle ended will be the winner

How we built it

I built a MVP decentralized application/game by using

  • Truffle & Ganache
  • Vuejs & daisyui
  • Solidity smart contract
  • IPFS - Nft Storage
  • ToneJs

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Familiar with IPFS as well as using service
  • Built a decentralized application/game

What we learned

  • How to work with IPFS, specifically
  • Solidity smart contract programing
  • ERC721 standard understanding

What's next for Feel The Beat

  • The current Music Pad is simple for showing ideas. It should be developed to users can compose the professional beat
  • The smart contract is simple for showing ideas. It should be developed seriously

Built With

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