We designed an easy to use web app for Fulfilled By Amazon sellers (FBAs) that helps them make informed decisions during product improvement. Over half of the sales made on Amazon are by FBAs. For FBAs, both positive and negative reviews as well as star ratings are factors that greatly influence which products customers buy.

In order to complete the Product Validation Step FBA sellers will read through all the negative reviews to get a mental idea of the sentiments that customers feel for a certain product. Example here This is usually done manually, with the seller reading hundreds of reviews to get an overall customer response. With our web app, FBAs can get an automated sentiment analysis related to their products. Sentiment analysis will yield 4 percentages of good, bad, neutral and mixed reviews. Each sentiment will also have a list of keywords most associated with them. Based on the keywords most associated with each review, FBAs can pinpoint specific strengths and weaknesses of their products.

Using this analysis, FBAs will be able to apply this sentiment analysis to better improve their products, as well as spend less time browsing reviews and instead spend more time on product development. This will drive higher star ratings and more positive reviews.

There already exists successful web applications that support FBA’s such as Helium10 and Jungle Scout, but neither of them fulfill the niche of sentiment analysis. Ultimately, our web app is another tool FBAs can use, and what is done with these results is up to the seller.

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