Some of the most common problems people face while moving to a new place are: -Finding housing in an unfamiliar area -Finding the right schooling and child care system -Learning a new transportation system -Social integration and networking challenges

Although there are resources available to find houses in a location, these resources do not provide an overview of what the social components and local amenities in the area look like. With the help of ‘sixth sense’ people will now able to identify areas in a city that align with their desired lifestyle. By inputting social and lifestyle parameters that are most important to them, they can identify neighborhoods that match their needs and hence make their move to a new location smoother, easier and most of all, informed.

What it does

By taking inputs in 4 key categories from the users, Home Again builds a persona around the user. Next, the area/location the user is interested in is segmented based on 4 characteristics. Once this is done, area segments that match the user persona are identified and displayed. This way, user can be well informed that his/her lifestyle choices can be found in the areas that we have identified.

How we built it

Tools used to build the platform: Javascript, API, ArcGIS, HTML,& SQL.

Challenges we ran into:

Access to proper datasets and figuring out data integration into the platform.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works.

What we learned

Time constraints and not proper access to datasets can drastically change the predetermined product plan.

What's next for Feel At Home

Additional dataset integration and include more user persona categories to make the analysis more detailed and accurate.

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