There is a lot of stigma surrounding mental health and eating disorders . And let’s be frank the covid pandemic situation has made it worse. Here our app FeedthePet, aims to resolve this with self-monitoring , a key aspect of cognitive behavioral therapy.


  • Log your meals, emotions, and behaviors, set custom reminders to keep you inspired and help to move forward. If you're trying to overcome an eating disorder, or create a more positive relationship to food- feedThePet is the solution. You will experience real emotional connection to your pet as you feed it through proper schedule of diet.

Implementation Challenges

  • Synchronizing workflows and communication with teammates in different time Zones were difficult but having a supportive rapport and well-defined work schedules made it possible.
  • Designing the wireframes in Figma was difficult, as it was our first time using the website and we had little to no experience with the application. However, after learning the tools and basics, the work definitely paid off because we produced what we had envisioned.

Accomplishes we’re proud of

  • Using virtual pets as psychologically positive reinforcement mechanisms to better dietary habits.

What we learned

  • Good Coding Practices: We learned how to virtually collaborate, organize our time, and use Figma for high-fi prototyping with interactivity.

What’s next for FeedthePet

  • Nutritional suggestions based on inventory from amazon

  • Fine tune positive reinforcement mechanisms based on psychiatrist’s consultations

  • We are looking forward to using our prototype to create a mobile app.

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