Random Brainstorming: What if there was a VR version of the classic Snake game? It could answer the questions "Where does the food come from?" and "Why is the snake in a inescapable pit?" We envisioned a farmer throwing in pieces of food to the snake for whatever reason. That farmers point of view would become the basis for the Basketball/Skee Ball game we ended up completing.

What it does

A player is able to become immersed in a near geometrically-perfect world where they are instructed on how to score points by tossing a ball into one of several "baskets" with differing point values. They are allowed a certain number of throws, after which the game ends and the score resets. Exploring the VR space is also interesting.

How I built it

Scenes and objects built in Unity's IDE. Scripts written in C# via VisualStudio and integrated into Unity. Many tests both by this team and others, along with regular troubleshooting and debugging techniques.

Challenges I ran into

Sleep deprivation. For the non-CompSci student, how to efficiently program. Coming to grips with the difficulty in making the snake work and moving on to the secondary plan.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The game is functional, despite our inability to play it. Being able to learn and use a new language and modeling software. Ability to laugh and move on from our failures. Also, Dalton's ability to move on from no one laughing at his jokes.

What I learned

How to use Unity3D at a beginner level. Intermediate planning skills. Utilizing a third-party modeling program would have been better. New language: C# Debugging and troubleshooting in Unity's IDE

What's next for FeedSnake

Actually making the snake part work. Possibly moving on to other small games or interactive programs.

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