The Problem

I stumbled upon this problem about 5 months ago whilst working at a startup. The startup was catering lunches twice a week for their 15 (and growing) employees, and was rotating the same two menus each week because no-one had time to call around and find more local restaurants or caterers that would prepare and deliver family style food for large groups. Moreover, the food didn’t reflect a lot of the staff’s preferences and people with intolerances or ‘free from’ choices did not know whether they could eat something or not. I started doing the research and learnt that 100s (and probably 1000s) of companies without in house canteens, from SMEs to startups to hedge funds to gyms, face similar problems, and have a variety of in-house food needs including breakfast meetings, office lunches and more. Typical outcomes currently include; large orders being placed over the phone, a lack of variety with office meals because office managers don’t know enough caterers or restaurants, unhealthy meals as these are easiest to arrange, google docs or notepads circulating the office to take orders and groups pooling cash to place large group orders or taking turns to order.

What it does

Our proposed solution, Feedr, is a cloud based dashboard for companies, which acts as their food concierge and “one stop shop” to procure in house lunches (family style or boxes), meeting food, event catering and office snacks, through a single platform designed to facilitate ordering for groups. Users can select preferences (team size, budget, date and style of food) and browse across catering vendors that suit their criteria. They can place orders across multiple vendors and handle payments and invoices in a single platform.

For offices with weekly recurring lunches, their dedicated Feedr account manager will work with firm and employee preferences to push a rotation of suitable vendors and bespoke menus into their upcoming queue, known as “the line up”. Our smart algorythms autocalculate suggested menus based on preferences and what they've had before. We help them optimize their menu rotation schedule so they don’t have to.

Over time we plan to extend this effective procurement process to non-fresh snacks and other office products.

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for Feedr

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