People around the world and around us suffer from food shortages, even as a huge quantity of food is wasted every year
Food banks always need donations and people can contribute to this while eating healthier and more efficiently by correcting a few simple habits

What it does

FeeDr approaches the problem of food insecurity in a holistic manner. We offer the ability to detect food types and ingredients automatically as well as suggesting recipes which can be made with available food and ingredients. we also provide automatic expiry date detection so food which is likely to expire earlier is prioritized for recipe generation.
Feedr provides the ability to identify nearby foodbanks or shelters where a user can donate their food (leftovers, food about to expire etc) so that the amount of wastage is kept to an optimum level.

How I built it

GCP cloud functions
CLarifai API for food labels
GCP CLoud vision and OCR for expiry data detection
react native for app
expo for android app
eaternity api

Challenges I ran into

bringing it all together and cohesively developing the workflow into a working app

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

the app works!!

What I learned

food related issues affect nearly every community on the planet and it is a problem which can be solved with great community based work

What's next for FeedR

more polished version, app store deployment

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