We are tired of ads and other bulls*#*!, but we still find some people's post on social media valuable. That's why we build a place where you can have all this interesting content together.

What it does

It let's you subscribe to people on Facebook, Twitter and Medium and displays a feed from the latest stuff this people posted.

How we built it

Everything is coded in javascript. The frontend is a react app that you can find at link 1, the backend is an express server.

For the frontend we tried to keep the styling of each source as reliably as we could.

For the backend we used a different technology for each source:

  • Facebook

The facebook feed comes from a webscrapping we made using nightmare.js. It took by far the longest to do.

  • Twitter

For twitter we used the twitter search api.

  • Medium

For medium we used an RSS feed.

Challenges we ran into

From getting the styling reliably (identical) to getting the feeds everything was challenging, but specially getting information from Facebook. We need to login as the user so you can already see the issues there...

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a working prototype and we are more than willing to use it on our everyday life's, which is the most amazing thing about a project, being able to use it daily.

What we learned

We learned webscrapping, to use react and postgres, to use Promises everywhere and to mimic the style of a website.

What's next for Feedr

We hope we can get to the point where we have all the networks we are interested in (add hackernews, for example) so that it becomes something we use daily.

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