First we were a team of 5 that wanted to help people to pay the restaurant they go. But that idea did not convinced us very much. After some other ideas we decided to split the team. Finally, I am here by my self with this idea. Helps people to order their food with a friendly user interface and pay their order before going to the restaurant or whenever they want to.

What it does

Find places nearby that may interest you and can show each restaurant's menus. But that part it is not implemented.

Using that, people could be able to go to a restaurant with friends and pay without caring about the receipt.

Usually that receipt have the total amount and each friend of that meeting have to pay his part. Having the menu information and the order in the phone, you could check what you ate/drank and pay it to the restaurant or to one friend (who pays all the bill at the end).

How I built it

Just Android, Firebase may help for the restaurant's menu, but the deadline is very near and I can not do that alone. I used View Pager for the main view and simple Material Design (by Google) palettes to select the color of the image and the background.

Challenges I ran into

Decide to do it all by my self just 18h before the deadline. For the rest, like Http Requests and Image Loader I used libraries.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Doing that project in 12h and having a cute interface, user friendly too.

What I learned

Nothing at all, but I had a lot of fun. I like the design of the app. Next time I will try to find some technology to do an easy backend.

What's next for FeedMe

Adding menu for each restaurant and paying with friends (or alone) from the phone. Using some bank transfer app like Verse or Transfer Wise.

Also the restaurants may need an admin panel with all the orders they have and some place to insert, update and delete items on their menu.

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