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You know that moment when you get home from work, you're hungry but too tired to think what to eat ? We do also.

What it does

3StepMeal takes the ingredients of your choice, the cooking time, selected calorie intake and provides awesome recipes.

How we built it

 We've built it for Android 4.4 so we can combine the simplicity of our app with the beauty of Material Design.

Challenges we ran into

 Internet connection dropped once in a while

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

 You're going through a lot of trouble to build a Android app that does such a simple and useful thing. 

What's next for 3StepMeal

 Machine learning. We've already thought about how  **3StepMeal**  can learn from your selections and provide you suggestions based on that fact that you may be a vegetarian.

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