How many times have you been hungry and not been able to decide what to eat? Or fought with friends over what food to order? Or want to try something new, but too afraid to take the leap of faith, or scared off by that one odd Yelp review? And ended up ordering pizza, as usual...?

Enter feedMe, an app that brings you food, when you want it.

Choose delivery, and the app picks a random restaurant in the vicinity, and a random delicacy is on its way to you before you know it, courtesy

Choose Take Me There, and that's what the app does. An Uber drives you to a restaurant where you just might end up having the best meal of your life.

feedMe has the ability to store ratings, to which predictive analysis can be applied, hence teaching the app what type of cuisine and restaurants you normally like, making the next meal you eat even more delicious.

feedMe also enables restaurants to reach out to customers, hence increasing their potential market. They can have the ability to comp a user's Uber, waive delivery fee, or surprise a user in any possible way they want, therefore creating a memorable impression. The user gets to experience new food from new places, because feedMe takes the step out of the comfort zone for the user. And let's not forget, it feeds you, NOW.

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