“Feed me Feedley”

Coming up with an original recipe for a random collection of ingredients can be tough on you, and even tougher on your budget. In fact studies have shown that 76% (±75%) of people will just give up and order takeout. Feedley eliminates this problem by taking your available ingredients and instantly returning a list of possible recipes. Simply type in what you have in your fridge, as much as you want, and the apps algorithms will compile the most popular recipes using only the ingredients you have on hand. Feedley helps keep your meals interesting while also reducing waste from throwing out leftover ingridients. The app scrapes all recipies.com and provides the user a condensed recipe removing all unwanted links and adds. Feedly uses a private server to reduce the bulkiness of the app and increase the calculating speed. Feedly is all it takes to turn leftover ingredients into a complete meal, no stress no mess*.

*Feedley does not guarantee there will be no mess

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