Feeding Friendzy helps you quickly find friends to eat with. Imagine those times when you've been studying hard all afternoon, look up at the clock and realize it's already 7:30 and you have no food in your apartment! Turn to Feeding Friendzy to pick a location and a time to eat. Post that to Facebook and all your friends that are perusing their NewsFeed can join your eating event.

We were inspired by loving food and friends! We've all been in this situation. You realize you're hungry and want to go eat, but the two people you normally call for meals are busy or have already eaten. You don't want to have to text or call everyone you know. It takes too long and you want food now!

The key features of our app are integration with Facebook and Google maps. These pieces are key to help create a robust experience. We didn't want you to have to create a whole new set of connections that you have to manage, so we've linked your login and your experience with your existing Facebook network. Additionally, we are all new to Pittsburgh, so we have no idea where most restaurants are. By allowing a user to see the map and address right on screen, they can plan the whole event without having to leave the app.

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