The inception of the idea came from one of the major challenge faced by our community today: Food Wastage Management We are a nation where still more than a quarter of our population fail to afford single meal for a day,at the same time we indulge in blatant food wastage.This brings very unbalanced ,yet cognizable problem to our table.So we want to create a network where this socio-economic issue can be addressed.We are trying to derive an equation putting this socio-economic crisis as the epicentre.In simple we want to make each bite count.

What it does:

This is a going to be a light weight mobile application.So our application aims to bring a starved community closer to a bowl of happiness.At one end of the string ,the amount of food which is wasted daily basis is mounting day by day.The major contributors to these food waste are restaurant,parties,function which amounts to tons of left over per day.The food wastage rampage is unlikely to be taken seriously as most of manage to grab a bite. On the contrary in our community we have a significant demographics who fail to manage a meal per day. In parallel to that we have different non-profit bodies(NGOs) such as Akhsaya Patra Foundation,who are striving their best to feed a hungry soul.So we want to connect the missing dots between these stakeholders via soul caring entities like NGOs.We aspire to provide a platform to both NGOs and Restaurant / Function banquet/Party where the both the parties can come together a feed a needy.

So this application basically has two major stake holders: a.NGOs b.Restaurant/Function Banquet/Party Feast The application is going to provide the restaurant ,eateries etc. to request for a pick up a order for their left over food, everyday.Based on their locality a notification will be sent to the concerned registered NGOs.So the user will gets a notification back with or without a reply when NGOs either accept or reject their pick up request. On the other hand NGOs will have the complete details of the pick up order given by the user including their map address and amount,type of food they want to contribute.Based on this NGOs will take a decision for their availability to pick the requested bite.So ,as the network grows ,more NGOs will be keen to jump into the process and thus enabling a smarter and smoother management of the left over food. In order to simplify the process,both stakeholders can dock into the application using their Facebook/Google/Twitter LDAP sign on so that user have an easy access to the application.

How we built it:As it is an android-application so we have used the following software kits.

                          IDE:Eclipse,Android Studio
                          SDK:JDK1.7,ADK 2.2
                          Project Management Tool:Maven 3.2
                          Other code condiment: ADT plug in eclipse

Challenges we ran into

                          We hit into some technical snags as android was new for us.As we tried to move into uncharted territories we ran into issues which involved our hardware non-compliance for the software development.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

                            a.We are proud that we are trying to address a social cause.
                            b.We have shown tremendous temperament, perseverance and patience to fight with different obstacles that we encountered during our development of the app. 

What we learned

                           Now we are confident and diligent enough to develop a android based mobile application.In the process we have learnt an idea is a food for any cause.Give power to the idea,and rest can flow .

What's next for FeedFoodApp

                           The we don't have any business model or any embedded revenue model in place for this idea.Still we try to add different options to the application in the later stages e.g Cloth Donation,Charity Collection by house holds or by any individual..So as we grow up the network of our users ,we will try to study their behaviour and run an analytic on it. 

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