We have experienced situations in life (skype meetings, skype calls) when you have a long and important conversation, but after that you have already forgot what you talked about. Also sometimes you miss a part of a group conversation and don’t know what you’ve missed. This bot is a good start to help solving this problem.

What it does

The FeedBot listens to the conversation (voice call), understands what you said and then summarizes the speech (30% of the text right now).

How I built it

Used botbuilder framework (Node.js). ML/AI part: Used topic models( and summerizer APIs

Challenges I ran into

Most of technologies/tools used in this project were used for first time for some members. Team members have very different skillsets and areas of interest.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learned to create simple bot in few minutes has some real-life usecases.

What I learned

Speech to text technology. AI part can be used in day-to-day programming.

What's next for FeedBot

FeetBot will also be possible to detect the confidence of the speaker, his/her mood thus being able to give feedback and help the person to develop his/her speech abilities. Rename it to FeedBot. Extend it to video data and extract Can implement more advanced Q and A deep learning algorithms for the bot to answer questions based on lecture.

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