I live in an eight story building that is owned by an investment fund traded on the stock exchange. The fund extracts the maximum amount of money from residents in our little community to pay shareholders around the world. When people have to move out, their lives, and our community are badly affected. There's a documentary showing that this business model (REIT) is destroying cities around the world. And this business model is legal because our national governments say so. The only way I can think of addressing this is to use YouTube to reach out directly to investors around the world and show them how they are unknowingly destroying communities and cities.

What it does

The response to this situation is Feedback Loops.

The dapp let's people, especially investors, respond to anything that is destructive to communities. It will eventually assist companies, such as the investment fund noted above, to respond to the increased pace of change in society by adapting their business model and practices.

Feedback Loops is one of four dapps we're proposing to benefit METIS Ecosystem. Feedback Loops was submitted to METIS Ecosystem Builder Mining program, Oct 2, 2021. Feedback Loops offers Distributed Autonomous Companies (DAC's) the benefits of being part of a complete and holistic organizational culture. Cultures are scalable compared to plans. Interdependent component parts of a culture (DAC's, teams, and individuals) will be able to coordinate and advance together towards objectives in unity as an ecosystem.

Corporations are often slow to transform and, according to Forbes, even the top 500 companies have a 40% chance of not being around after ten years. With the increased pace of change in society, being unresponsive to the need to adapt is ineffective and soon undermines their continued viability.

Corporations will use the dapp as an effective aggregated way to handle feedback all in one place. Corporations will be issued one invoice.

The Feedback Loops dapp aggregates feedback from the public and from corporations partnering with a Distributed Autonomous Companies (DAC's) on Metis, and Ethereum Layer 1 builds and corporations. The dapp brings these main beneficiaries closer to responsible actions, and healthy and sustainable products and services, for the greater good of Metis, Ethereum and the planet.

The dapp empowers individuals to advocate for changes in product content and ingredients. It uses smart contracts to automatically protect individuals' intellectual property rights as owners of ideas for improved or additional service features. It promotes payment for solid feedback by rewarding individuals with Metis tokens issued by the main beneficiaries: DACs on Metis, and corporations on Ethereum. Complaints are registered with a time stamp. The dapp shows each corporation's averaged response times.

Metis DACs and Ethereum Layer 1 builds and corporations, as the main beneficiaries, receive summaries with ratings on their communication styles, products, services, and how well their stated mandate serves their stakeholders. The planet will be listed as a stakeholder.

To enjoy better reputations, the main beneficiaries receive prompts on how to clarify, reword and act in accord with their stated mandates. They receive specific information about opportunities in terms of participants, products, and services available across the Metis ecosystem.

Daily use of the dapp by the public is expected to result when used as a news service by investors in corporations and corporate employees. These individuals will want to keep up on changes that their corporations will be making tomorrow.

Market research

Compare with Better Business Bureau that registers product and service complaints.

How I built it

Metis has launched Polis, a middleware developer platform that makes it much easier to use Web3 and make dapps on Ethereum.

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Feedback Loops - How Good Am I Looking?

Launch this dapp on Metis so as to have participants give helpful feedback to Metis organizations, and builds or corporations on Ethereum. Then take it out into the world when there's a large user base.

Built With

  • metis
  • polis
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