Find a meal you'll love, without knowing another language

Everyone loves food. As a global community, it brings us together as we learn to share and enjoy each others' culture. Yet every individual has their own tastes and preferences; they make us unique. FeedBack is a culinary companion that joins you at the table and guides you into discovering new and exciting dishes.

What FeedBack is

FeedBack is a cloud based learning system available through a web browser or an android device. It lets you describe what foods you enjoy, and it tries to discover your underlying preferences. Using its vast network of culinary information, FeedBack shows you what dishes are available at nearby restaurants, and suggests ones that most closely match your profile. After your meal, FeedBack lets you react to its choice, helping to improve it for the future. The more you eat, the more it grows.

Social AI

FeedBack pulls from a wide variety of sources to help in finding and classifying menus, but even when it can't find any information, it allows you to add dishes yourself. Not only does this show FeedBack the types of food you are interested in, it helps other users come prepared. Even with only a small number of users, FeedBack's potential to map out meals makes it incredibly handy.

How it Works

FeedBack uses publicly available data from sources such as Yelp, Yummly, Locu, and others to figure out what restaurants are near you, and the type of food each offers. On top of that, it builds up taste profiles for each individual dish and uses a neural network based machine learning algorithm to match those characteristics with the foods and styles you have enjoyed in the past. As it learns more about the world, it becomes better at categorizing foods and understanding the pallette of its users.

Why FeedBack is Useful

FeedBack shows the power of combining Machine Learning with social applications. Even for people who aren't in love with food, FeedBack is a great way to step out of your comfort zone and be adventurous, without requiring a parachute or ejector seat.

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