All these pandemic days, the worst ever hit was not the virus but the hunger. Especially the students many were facing difficulty in satisfying their daily needs like shelter and food. But, We all know that Greatest satisfaction comes from sharing with others . So, We thought of bringing a platform through which we ensure no one remains hunger.

What it does

It collects all the people who are facing difficulty in having a meal. And a person can view all the people who is in need of food(it can be cooked food or some raw materials). Once the donor decides to donate to the people in need he can view their details. Our platform also fetches the distances he needs to travel or the food needs to travel. To ensure the quality of donated food like spoilt we keep track of time taken to deliver.

How we built it

We built this using Python, Folium for maps, Geopy for Map Locations and Streamlit for web deployment.

Challenges we ran into

We were initally planned to implement Quantum Computing techniques to Get the Shortest efficient path if multiples people same donor scenario occurs. But, it was hard for us to implement from scratch. We actually built 1/4th model but we thought it would take more than the given time to complete the project. So, we thought we can implement the feature after the hackathon. Another Challenge was trouble in adapting to different time zone and collaborate. But, at last it was a worthful 48 hours journey filled with lots of new topics and knowledge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that in the given time we learnt about working with maps geo locations in python. Mainly we are so proud in making a valuable contribution to the society by trying to eliminate hunger.

What we learned

We are proud that in the given time we learnt about working with maps geo locations in python. Also, we learnt so many things in quantum Computing and especially the mathematics behind it like Optimization Algebra etc. We again thanks for this hackathon for reminding us about the Sharing is good and with digital technology sharing becomes easy.

What's next for Feed The Need

In future we plan to make a amazing UI/UX features for the website. Also try to built a mobile application which can lead to more and more users. We also currently working in Quantum Computing and modes of transport by finding various NGO's to deliver in efficient and quickest manner. We are hoping to achieve this target very soon this year. Once again, Thanks to the Hackathon because of which we learnt the current situation of people in world as many dying in hunger. I am extremely happy and filled with joy by building this web app.

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