Inspiration One of the problems which we in 21st century face is of food hunger. Lot of non profits which stepped up for the cause, but still the underlying issue is not solved completely.

Solution FeedMe solution is easily accessible and globally scalable. Our solution leverages voice enabled device and creates a platform for both food donors and food requesters.

What it does Needy person can request for food and people with extra food can donate it. Handsfree Anyone can use it No Phone requried No tech knowledge required Scale to different languages

How we built it We are using alexa as a voice assistant to accept donation as well meal requests. Node.js for Api's and firebase for storage. Admin can monitor the requests in realtime, this is built using google maps.

Challenges we ran into Team is new to Alexa/AWS/NLP

Accomplishments that we're proud of Creating a simple end to end flow, that can be deployed and enabled on scale.

What we learned Some cool new things about technology that we used. Also made us realize how we can use our talent for a social cause.

What's next for Feed Me too many things in pipeline. Super excited to have a great working model which has a great feedback and suggestions for the future.

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