We did it. 'nuff said!

What it does

Feed Me is an innovative next-gen application that aggregates food reviews from restaurants and nutritional value for meals, together with optional connection to their bank accounts to make the best recommendations for its users, based on their choices and current financial situation.

How we built it

We divided work between front end, back end and voice control, working in parallel and advising each other along the way. We hacked through the night to get the best product in multiple categories.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge was to connect the front and back-end with MongoDB. Both sides connected to the same database, but we weren't able to complete the connection. We gave up after 3 hours of working with a mentor (2-5 am!!).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've used ten APIs between ourselves, using a combination of services that included AI, cloud, map, nutrition, food and reviews. As still-new hackers (this was our third, second and first hackathon), we are particularly proud about learning to use multiple new tools and leveraging our experience to reach far beyond what we had originally imagined. One of us built an entire AWS application with no former experience; another of us used 7 APIs (after using only one before). The third learned to operate a database with no former experience.

What we learned

A lot! We've learned about API's working with Alexa, using a variety of APIs online (ranging from maps to nutrition to banking), MongoDB and non-relational databases.

What's next for Feed Me

Shipping it and exiting to move on other exciting projects!

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