Our Purpose

Do you ever read the news and feel helpless? Maybe you want to make a change but don't have the time or money to do so. Feed puts a change to that.

How it works

Every time a user reads an article, they accumulate a "point" This is made up of ad revenue and the user can choose which charity to send this point to to give real money.

How We Built it

We created this site using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. We also used Dom and SQL to read and format the forms. Our platform was Qoom.


Some of the challenges we ran into include problems in linking the files, finding the news articles, fixing the css files. We were able to overcome most of the challenges as a team, but we still needed some help from the mentors when using qoom since we aren't experienced with using qoom yet.


We are proud of finishing this project, and overcoming the challenges we ran into. For example, we weren't able to make the pie chart work in the beginning, but now, it's up and running!

We learned a lot from this hackathon, including learning how to use qoom, how to link the html and css files to each other and make sure that nothing looks wrong, and how to divide the tasks up and work more effectively as a team. We also overcame most, if not all, of the challenges we met, and made this project we are all proud of.

Next Steps

What's next for Feed. We wish to polish our site using time and CSS. We also hope to make real connections with companies to obtain ad revenue.

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