The Problem

It's crazy that in the 21st century law enforcement/legal system still rely heavily on foggy testimony and paper police reports.

Not only is there a lack of forensic audio, gps, and timestamped information, but what little there may be is closely guarded by the police.

So we made a way for users to directly document, review and share evidence without having to go through anyone else.

What We're Doing About It

Both Android and Pebble apps record audio while sending it along with timestamped geolocation during police interaction. Users have the option of pinging emergency contacts when they are detained.

The files are uploaded to dropox. Users, witnesses, and attorneys can view these folders on our webapp.

What's next for FedUp

In the future, we want to make this app fully supportive with witnesses bystanders. This means witnesses can submit audio and video recordings to our case folders as well as writing in their own accounts.

Secondly, we'd love to talk to some more attorneys, public defenders to really get an idea how we can make their jobs easier.

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