FedGoPublic (FGP) is a decision support system geared toward federal government travelers and travel managers. FGP is designed to analyze and clearly present relevant travel pricing trends along the following dimensions:

  1. City pair fare versus other categories of travel based on recent federal traveler bookings
  2. Comparison of inter-city public transport options with air travel
  3. City public transport options and fare details
  4. Federal hotel rates along public transport routes
  5. Recent hotel booking costs in destination cities
  6. Recent vehicle rental fares for inter-city travel

A chief concern in the design of the FGP system is ease of accessibility. The FGP system achieves a high degree of accessibility by vastly simplifying user input over a traditional address based system through the use of flight origin and destination codes as an intuitive user input abstraction layer. The FGP system leverages route visualization in Google Maps to facilitate understanding of cost savings options available through car rental and other modes of transport. The inbuilt Google Direction Panel helps to communicate mileage and travel time as well as presenting alternative modes travel.

The decisions support system has been constructed using the following data sets: • GSA History Data Set • City Pair Fare • Fed-Rooms • USA Public Transit Fare and Options

The team has a couple of recommendations for additional data elements which are not currently supplied in the available data-sets: 1. Travel Purpose: One –on –One Meeting / Conference / multi team meet. This information helps us to understand the reason for travel and may be used to plan efficient travel by leveraging economies of scale. 2. Federal Travel Rating (ex: Out of 5) for Air, Hotel, Car & other modes which helps other traveler to do better planning and will have great experience. 3. Other mode of transportation suggestion from existing travelers.

An additional suggestion regarding the FedTravellersConnect Platform: It could prove useful to provide web or mobile functionality to assist federal travelers in locating and connecting inter-city ride shares. Identification of prospective ride shares might be executed through multiple air tickets, hotels, or vehicle rentals booked on the same day with uniform origin and destinations.

Extended Functionality (not implemented in this submission): To plan for Multi-team meet/conference, FedGoPublic may identify the best city for event hosting based on several evaluation criteria, including public transport options, inter-city connections and air travel fare comparisons.

How up upload the additional history data : the current system is designed to simple upload process using phpmyadmin or any mysql work-space tool can directly import csv file. The current table structure created based on input data file provided by GSA team. Also greater extent-ability to add other data source even system can directly connect to existing booking database without any changes in application logic.

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