Tracking deliveries is always a bit complicated. You get an email with a tracking number, true. If you want to track the deliver you will have to copy/paste to track. And many times you will have to go back and find the email to make sure you have the date correct or just to check the delivery day and the delivery address. Why not making it easier ??? that is what we have done.

What it does

When you get an email with a tracking number all you have to do it click on the icon in the Outlook ribbon. Yes on any client, Windows, MAC, IOS or Andriode. We will take the tracking number and start the tracking. You will be presented with the tracking information.

But that is not all. We will also give you an option to add the delivery date to your calendar. This way you will never miss a delivery.

How we built it

Build as an office add-in for Office 365 using the FedEx Tracking API

Challenges we ran into

Actually none.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Approved by Microsoft and the Outlook team to be among the white listed Add-ins for IOS and Android
  • A great add-in that can be used both by private and business.

What's next for FedEx Tracking for Outlook

For next release we are considering integration Group Calendar and making an Excel add-in for organisation that are tracking many deliveries

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