Customer with more than 6 years of using Foglight Federation Enviroment, we needed to fit the solution to their needs

What it does

It is an interface that was requested for one customer who has different Data Centers geographically distributed across the country with Foglight Federation Enviroments in each one of them, and what he was looking for was an unique Foglight Centralized Dashboard that will show all the Services with its SLA’s for all the Foglight Parents in each Data Center(Federator), I mean some kind of federator of federators, and they requested that because they have one Executive Manager for all the Data Center and they don’t want to switch between different Foglights every time they want to check the health state in the service operation console.

How I built it

Using Groovy Scripts with Foglight API and C#

Challenges I ran into

Gather data from Two different Foglight Federation Servers, group by Services and show it in a stand alone Server that acts as a single pane of glass for all the complete infraestructure.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Create a Federator of Federators, because it doesnt exists as is in Foglight.

What I learned

Use of API, and that we can do a lot of things with all the new features you released.

What's next for Federator of Federators

CustomDashboards and Reports.

Built With

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