Since our team is composed of a Creative Writing major and a Computer Science major, we decided a choose-your-own-adventure website would be a good way to use both of our skill sets.

What it does

Users read and then select an option until their story is complete. They can also move backwards or restart at any point to try out different paths.

How we built it

Friday night Marisa went around asking participants at HackISU to contribute a word, ending up with 162 challenge words total. From there, a title was decided on and Marisa started to write all the text to be used in the program. Blake set up the local server, coded the program, and designed the logo & color scheme. The text was then put on to map out the paths, and then consequently transferred into the program.

Challenges we ran into

Since we specialized in our tasks, we often had to discuss discrepancies between our work and how we thought it should look & function.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Over 6,000 words were written by Marisa for this project, and this was only Blake's second time using PHP and it turned out great.

What we learned

Blake learned how to make and run a PHP program. Marisa learned about hacking culture and put her writing skills to the test in a limited time frame and word requirements.

What's next for February Hummingbird

Get it on a web server so it's accessible from our domain.

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