We were highly inspired to make this project just by theme of the project. Imagining us being in the nature , trekking and camping in the forests was blissful, So we wanted to merge it with the new skill of Machine Learning that we learnt.

What it does

Features OF nature ... Our life indebted to the nature, for everything it has given to us. Spare your time to travel around and celebrate the nature with us!!

There may be instances where we might visit many locations and click pictures of various species, not knowing what they are and how they live.

a. Here you can know more about those species , see pictures of those species b. Know more information about those species in the about section c. Know about their geographical location d. Read reviews and experience of ithers who have already seen those species e. Add your experience to the list f. This app also identifies the objects on the go when you point you camera to the direction of the species

How we built it

This app has been built using a. Node JS for backend b. p5.js c. ml5.js the tensorflow library available in javascript d. mobileNet model

Challenges we ran into

We were rookies into machine learning with python , and We use node js and javascript for web development. So The main challenge for us was to connect machine learning to the node JS backend. After knowing about tensorflow.js and ml5.js and mobile net model , We had to implement it for the natural species.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of everything That we have built

What we learned

We have learnt many things in the hackathon

before today we didnt know anything on how to use machine learning in web development projects So the major learning was ml5.js and tensorflow.js libraries

And also this hackathon helped us in learning about javascript canvas and the p5.js library

** Most importantly this hackathon taught us the beauty of nature and that we are responsible to protect it instead of recklessly using its resources!! **

What's next for Features of Nature

We plan on training more and more models using the feature extractor class in ml5.js library And also add a section of ** Talk To experts** where in you can directly talk to the experts to know more about the species directly This will help in the fllowing ways

  1. You can know more about a specie of plants and know stuff about how to grow it in your backyard, how to find its seeds
  2. more insights on how is that species helpfull to the mankind.

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