Automatic Staging of Github Feature Branches

What is Featurer?

Featurer is a server platform that acts as a hub for Docker instances which represent feature branches on Github repos. Using feature branches for short-term goals is a common "social git" tactic employed today, and one of my biggest personal frustrations with this method is the friction involved in viewing and testing someone's proposed changes in a production-like environment.

Featurer solves this issue by monitoring the repos you register, looking for new or updated pull requests. Each branch with a corresponding PR is cloned and launched in a new Docker instance on the server. Staged copies of branches are updated when new commits are pushed, and a comment is made on each PR with a link to the staged branch, as well as a screenshot. You can see a demo here.

When a PR is closed or new commits are pushed, the old instance is automatically cleaned up and disposed of, meaning a small server running Featurer can service many, many branches.

To get up and running, you simply have to deploy Featurer to a box that is capable of running a Rails app, and has Docker installed. Register repos by creating new Repo models, as below. You can pass in the location of the Dockerfile in the repo, as well as any environment secrets that need to be present when the branch is staged.


This was a demo given in realtime. The results can be seen here.

r = Repo.new user: 'yasyf', name: 'flask-start', dockerfile: 'Dockerfile', secrets: {DEV: true, SK: '123abc'}

Start with rails s and visit http://localhost:3000/branch/yasyf/flask-start/test_branch. You will see some log output as the Docker image is build and started. After a minute or so, your branch will be ready, and there should be a comment on the Github repo!

Featurer Output

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