Textboxes, emails, and 10-year old message boards aren't the ideal way for users to communicate with the companies whose products they use and love. We wanted a better way to suggest features and report bugs. After talking to the sponsors at MHacks: Refactor, we discovered that a lot of companies would also love to have a better way.

What it does

Companies sign up to use our platform so that all of their bug reports and feature requests can be consolidated and prioritized more easily. They simply post their products and send their users to the product page on FeatureQuest. Product-users can vote on their favorite feature ideas and bug fix requests, and submit new feature requests and bug reports. As they type new ideas or bug reports, related issues are filtered automatically so they can just upvote the idea or bug report which has already been submitted. This is a huge help to the companies because it prevents massive duplication of issues, a problem with alternative solutions such as Jira, Jive, plain old email, etc.

How we built it

We're using a simple Express Node.js server with the Handlebars templating engine. For our database, we use Firebase to make real-time updates a piece of cake. We hosted on Linode using Nginx and Nodemon.

Challenges we ran into

Finding a fuzzy search library and getting it fine-tuned, not reading Firebase docs carefully and expecting a totally different response from an API call, accidentally using Javascript's Array.prototype.sort wrong, getting set up with Namecheap and Linode, and numerous others. CSS styling of select boxes with cross-browser support is a pain, but we did it. :)

What we learned

How to style select boxes (poorly) with cross-browser support. How to setup Nginx + Node on Linode servers.

What's next for FeatureQuest

Our most requested feature is to integrate with Jira. Our second most popular request is to expose a simple API to process any existing issue base and consolidate duplicate issues.

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