As undergraduate students in computer science, we are expected to seek outside opportunities beyond the classroom, and one key task is to do a side project. However, with recent times of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is quite difficult to meet up in person to work on a project together. Finding partners is already hard as it is, but we want to make it as seamless so one can skip the searching and go straight into the work.

We named our product Feather because we want to attract like-minded people to work collaboratively towards the same goal together, and it resembled two birds (or more in this case) of a feather who share similar interests and skillset.

What it does

Feather is a web application that helps links undergraduate students to others through a project idea. This is to help those who are seeking for either a partner or a side project to work on. We have

How we built it

We used Figma for the mockup of our web application to generate ideas of how we wanted the interface to look like. We then used HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap to make the templates for each of our pages for a seamless touch. For some of our logos and pictures, we used the resources on the Internet to find images to match our aesthetic.

Challenges we ran into

It was challenging to work with a team who almost everyone was in a different time zone. We had to accommodate for the time gap and acknowledge that it was going to be more difficult working remotely. Ultimately, we were able to schedule times that worked with all of us and managed to work around everyone's schedules.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of coming up with the idea of this side project partners system and the fact that we were able to work on a hackathon project with people across the country! It was fun and we learned a lot in these short several hours.

What we learned

Most of us had never worked with web development before, so we all had to learn how to do front-end development for the most part. Figma was also a new platform for most of us, and it really helped digitally sketching out our product beforehand before building it. We had to learn the languages on the spot and figure out how to use Bootstrap as well. Additionally, planning out our project and delegating tasks was something we learned to do as well, such as coming up with small goals before each meeting.

What's next for Feather

Currently, Feather is only a model and not fully completed with the front-end and back-end development. In the future, we want to branch out to students in other fields since this is predominantly computer science majors. We would also want to incorporate some sort of communications methods, such as video chatting, messaging, etc. to get people acquainted with each other. Another potential feature is to have a matching system where people's interests can be matched to existing projects if applicable. We want Feather to grow from a local environment to global scale!

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