I watched a video on Generative Design by Autodesk and was blown away.

What it does

It allows the everday user with not much design skills to have a go at designing their own 3D model.

How I built it

I developed the MVP and website and had a run around university campus asking 70 or so engineering and arts students what they thought of the concept, and they really liked it. I got some useful feedback as well.

Challenges I ran into

Having to explain to people how the MVP works. Finding information on how to incorporate machine learning techniques into 3D modelling frameworks.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our team was invited to enter the software incubator (run by Warwick Ventures) on Campus. We also got to present our findings and Proof-of-Concept across a wide judge panel of successful software and business developers, as part of the Enterprise Support Scheme we enrolled in. There's a chance we may even be featured as part of TechDay's startup expo in London next month!

What I learned

Alot. And it doesn't stop here.

What's next for Feather AI

Building a scalable alpha version of Feather AI. To gain more traction and users. To start 3D printing our own designs. Partnering up with technical co-founder.

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