The Gist 🎯

Our 2020-2021 Hack The North Project uses REST, Django, and Sentiment Analysis to democratize mental health support while making it accessible through social avenues. Revolutionizing social media for the better. COVID can be stressful - we can help.

Inspiration 💡

It's been nearly a year since the birth of COVID in Canada, which means nearly a year of isolation. Each and every day, whether you are a youth or senior, we spend our days online trying to find something to do. Our platform Feather is a simple, reliable, functional and sleek way for those of all ages to spend time online. Of course, no one is stopping you from visiting other platforms such as Calm for meditation, DayLio for journaling, Omegle for audio chatting and Signal for anonymous conversation. However, our biggest goal was to combine all of them together, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness.

What it does 🛠

Feather is an open-source platform available to anyone with an email account! We offer several rich features, including and not limited to an Explore widget, locally stored Journal Entries, and AI for mood detection, Daily Quotes, Important Links, Live User Analytics and most importantly, a way to connect with those around you. Check out the images for a preview, and if you are on a desktop, check out the live demo!

Key Features and Explanations 📝

Log In/Sign Up (Secure login with local storage using Django and Python) Explore page (Embedded Links to valuable resources) Journal (JS textarea, Python for AI Mood Tracker and Django to store the data) Daily Posts (Math.Random() for the quote and React Grid for rest) User Profile (React and CSS) Connect (Redis for Channels and Django for interface) Sentiment Analysis: Check out our loom video:

How we built it 👨‍💻

We built this project in four ways: Frontend (React, HTML, CSS) AI Mood (Python, Flask, REST API) Live Channels (Redis) Backend (Django and Python) Design (Figma, Adobe Illustrator)

Challenges we ran into 🛑

This was, without a doubt, a very long process, which means there were a few setbacks. Most prominently, we have some formatting issues. Now although this may feel like a simple fix, every time there was the slightest error the live server wouldn't compile. This meant we had to take anywhere from 2 to 30 minutes to try and fix the issue and redevelop the server. Additionally, finding accurate data for the AI was difficult, which meant it may not be entirely accurate. Our original goal was to have the dataset retrain with every new journal entry, however, it came to our realization that retraining each time would take way too much time. In turn, we decided to just use the current data, and then continually update it on the admin side of the site whenever we see it fit. Finally, adding the frontend to the audio aspect of the site was not possible at the moment, which didn't create the environment that we had hoped. In the future, our main priority would be to have a camera on/off and more informative features to enhance the user experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of ⚜️

We are very proud of both the frontend and the backend. With regards to the front end, we were able to make a design off of Figma with full features, and then replicate our design almost to perfection with React.js. By using Grids, we were able to develop a feature-filled and easy-to-edit design. For the backend, we are really glad that both the AI and the Video work. By using Python and Django, we created a secure interface that anyone can use!

What we learned 🧐

The two most valuable lessons from this weekend were knowledge and collaboration. With regards to knowledge, we were able to understand how to bring in backend with Django, frontend with React and AI with Python all together in a sleek and functional way. Communications-wise, we were able to find a way to work online. COVID-19 has impacted us significantly, and so learning how to communicate and develop on an online platform was a life-changing opportunity.

What's next for Feather 💪

The future of Feather is near, however, there are some critical changes to be made in order to ensure success. Most prominently, the front end. By creating a new landing page and revamping our dashboard design, it will attract more consumers. Since the user's most valuable asset is their time, we must value their needs. Next, responsivity would add a lot of use. What this would include is both full mobile functionality and the ability to complete journals audio-only. By making the experience as easy as possible, our service would by far become the most dependable resource for those in need. This would be done using Bootstrap for efficiency and reliability on our end. Changes as such could revolutionize our vision.

How to try it out ➡️

Check out our Github Repo and Live Demo at the bottom, where you can make an account and experiment around! Please contact us directly if you have any feedback or if there were any errors! Additionally, if you want to learn about the ML side of the project, click the "Loom Link" down below!

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