Having lived and relished services at San Jose, it's payback time for young engineers like us to give back to the community by helping them improve the city service.

What it does

Our project helps the user experience more efficient and assures them a sense of reliability on the city service.

How we built it

As techies, utilizing advanced technology would be a perfect implementation to a project like the City of San Jose.

Challenges we ran into

The most challenging aspect was to make the services accessible to the people with midlife age, and not to deny the fact that despite the rampant digitization at the 21st century, people still adhere to traditional methods.

Accomplishments that we're proud

We believe to have met the requirements of the non-profit organization in an impressive way with advanced features.

What we learned

Literally coming out here, meeting random people, teaming up with some of the best coders and experiencing the different ways of approaching a problem statement is something that each of us is proud to have gone through and succeeded as well!

What's next for Feasible community service by City of San Jose

We strive to make a model that stands as a strong foundation base for the City of San Jose so that tracking and updating future changes is feasible.

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