We came into this hackathon wanting to just hack a car. However, we found that we were really interested in the safety of road conditions and weather. Weather conditions can present a dangerous challenge for drivers. If a driver is in a car, and a natural disaster suddenly happens, it is possible that they might have no way of being warned in time. We would like to ensure that drivers are warned as soon as an event occurs so that they leave the area and get to safety.

What it does

We take the simulated user's location and use a disasters event API to create a region around the area the disaster occurs, warning those in that area.

How we built it

We built a central server in Flask which calls the PredictHQ API for live natural disasters and stores those events. Our server then acts as a central hub which every car can constantly poll the server for updates on disasters. The car sends an HTTP request with its location, and the server will return whether or not an event is nearby. This use of a central server enables us to offload work from the cars to the server to maximize speed and therefore warn the driver as early as possible.

If the car is within range of a disaster, a very brief message is displayed on the screen and red lights flash to warn the user. We used Intrepid Control Systems hardware to accomplish this.

Challenges we ran into

A lot.

There were many things to be installed and the computer experienced difficulty installing many of them. The AWS account we made for IoT was never verified so we were unable to use AWS; however, Intrepid had a Python API which we used instead of AWS.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successfully working within intrepid hardware and developing a unique API to help our system be as effective and testable as possible.

What we learned

Setting up API endpoints with Flask. Learning the usage and functionality of Intrepid Hardware.

What's next for Fear Forecast

We are in desperate need of proper hardware and in order to test our device properly we would like to request the Tesla Model X indefinitely

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