Remember the time when you could play with your friends face to face your most loved games, like a “Schieber” (form of Jass) or UNO. Think about all these unique evenings you were sitting around a table capturing the emotions around you. Well these days are passed…

Today playing in solidarity online you miss the emotions and expressions of your friends.

Our Solution

Our platform combines state of the art video chat technology and a wide range of games in one place – so you will bring these memorable times back into your living room, laughing, screaming, crying… …or even sharing a drink.

Our solution is designed to support:

  • Classic card and board games: «Yazzee», «Mau-Mau» (=Tschau Sepp/UNO)), Chess..
  • Interactive games: «Who am I», «Tabu», «Pantomime» and not less important drinking Games like «Piccolo/Ring of Fire» (which btw. are already implemented =))

The platform is envisioned to include premium games like Monopoly, BrändiDog or Catan. Furthermore we offer game makers a digital way to reach their customers living rooms.

The cloud architecture allows users to play games without any extra set up or installation. Only a supported web browser, camera and microphone is required.

How we built it

Starting with a clear problem statement we applied a really customer centric approach to develop a smart solution, which provides a smooth and easy on-boarding. To accomplish this we could rely on a team with a variety of skills.

Challenges I ran into

Initially there was some need to structure the team, but after a short time the strength of each team members were recognized and employed. Some frameworks were not as easy to implement, as displayed on the package, but with teamwork and focus, we were able to overcome several obstacles. Sometimes this meant splitting tasks, but with focus aligned, this worked very well.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  • With our solution we bring back a piece of joy to the Swiss people in these difficult times. Moreover we provide another reason to stay at home.
  • Based on a clear vision, the entire team was focused, dedicated and were able to achieve true milestones.

What we learned

In a very short time we learned, how a video chat works. Starting from setting up a server hosting the video chat. And ending with designing a cloud platform and using common front end-development tools.

What's next for

  • Adjusting video frames
  • Enhancing game library
  • Further development of the fronted
  • Add augmented reality capabilities to further enhance customer experience
  • Building a mobile app

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posted an update

A big thank you to everyone in the team! What an experience to hack something I never did before in 48h. In the end we even managed to have a working multiplayer game with video chat, who would've guessed.

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