FDA Drug Labels is a web based application for SmartPhones. By using the browser on the SmartPhone and a connection to the internet, a user can enter keywords and/or search phrases to search for SPL (Structured Product Label) drug label information. Drug labeling and other information in the SPL is what has been most recently submitted by drug companies to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as drug listing information (See 21 CFR part 207).  Search fields include the drug's name, title, description, NDC Product Code, drug company name and indications and usage.  Summary information about each drug whose SPL matches the search criteria is provided and linked to the drug's SPL.  Summary information includes the drug's name, title and NDC Product Code; the name of the drug company and the SPL version number.  If the user clicks the link to the drug's SPL, the SPL will be presented. To generate the FDA Drug Labels application, the DailyMed database is downloaded and accessed locally.  Additional information about the DailyMed data source as well as other publically available web services and XML data sources provided by the US government is available at USGovXML.com.

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