There is always an argument between family members related to home chores. And due to COVID, many households were facing such problems. So we decided to come up with a solution that is fair and works for everyone.

What it does

Here you can assign chores to the family without any problem or confusion or argument and check who all completed their work. Further, you can enjoy games and try to beat each other's high score while listening to an amazing playlist

How I built it

We used to bootstrap along with custom css to design our website. Then the javascript part was coded to enable user input. We were not able to link out java algorithm to the website so we coded the entire algorithm in JS.

Challenges I ran into

No more than 2 members of our team knew the same coding language yet we were able to create a partially finished product. Even though we were not able to link it we created the database and backend of the website. But due some errors we had to shift the entire code to JS and we still made it work

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were a diverse group facing participating in the competition for the first time and yet we pulled through with sheer willpower and determination.

What I learned

A team with diverse knowledge can still put together a project if they will it.

What's next for FCHORES

In the near future, this product can host separate logins for each family member. This will enable multiplayer gaming with their loved ones that are far away. We even aim to embed a video call so that you can make the best of your time together. To further personalize the experience we even plan to make the chores entered randomize on their own every morning and then send notifications to every member. In the near future members can choose to request if they want to exchange their tasks with some other family member. Further, a timestamp for when the chore was complete can also be incorporated. But we are not limited to just households. Our code can also be reformated to ensure no worker gets night duty multiple times a week. Or office work is efficiently assigned.

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