In 1985, Pauwul Ekman shocked the world of psychology by releasing a book detailing the huwuman face, the emotions, and the process of telling lies from truwuth. In the modern age, with fake news running rampant, this skill is needed more than ever before. This hack makes uwuse of one of the key features of his skill, micro-expressions, the showing of a truwu feelings on a liars face.

What it does

Uwusing the Uwutube API and framework, it takes videos and runs thruwu sections frame by frame searching for micro expressions. Uwusing the Google Cloud Platform API, it recognizes the emotions from the facial expressions of the speaker, and finds their lies and guesses their true feelings. KYAAAAAA~~~ /////// blushes in tsundere

How we built it

Let our powers combine. grunts uWu. FIRE, WIND, WATER, HEART. By our powers combined, I am FBI KUN.

Challenges we ran into

The GCP platform didn't work so I had to uwuse my own money.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The part where I used a mark zuckerberg video and there were a lot of lies. Also lowkey weeb name

What we learned

How to degenerate a devpost project

What's next for FBI kun

I think using it for real time situations could also be very helpful, especially in business.

i would like to inquire about the vision that we are progressing towards. That, of which, mr zuck did not want to discuss the directional of his fellow comrades.

Mr Zuck, we have you know, with our powers combined, our lie beam FBI Kyun will catch you over and over again.


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