When we moved to NC State about two months back we had to comb through the Free & for Sale group of our University to find items relevant to us. We thus thought about creating an app to help help people filter out only the relevant stuff on their FB groups.

What it does

It is an Android application which combs through your notifications for you and shows you posts related to the keywords you specified. You can specify multiple keywords per group.

How we built it

We used android SDK and Facebook APIs to build this app supported by an SQLite database.

Challenges we ran into

Android development was new for us as most of us had never used it before. We wanted the user to have a real time experience via notifications, integrating our app with Facebook APIs was another challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created our first Android app in such a short time frame, never thought it would be possible.

What we learned

Android development, a little bit of NoSQL, Integration with Facebook APIs and teamwork! :)

What's next for Notification Alert

To make it a fullfull-fleged app with great user-experience and expand it to include notifications on other social networking platforms.

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